Taking children’s questions seriously – the need for creative thought, com Liselott M. Olsson | 10/08/2015

Ementa | Resumo:
In contemporary educational contexts young children and learning are tamed, predicted, supervised, controlled and evaluated according to predetermined standards. Contesting such intense governing of the learning child, this presentation departs from experiences made in a setting where preschool children, teachers, teacher students, teacher educators and researchers in the Stockholm area in Sweden have been working together since the beginning of the 1990’s. The challenge in this cooperative work has been to regain movement and experimentation in subjectivity and learning and to offer alternative ways of thinking and practising early childhood education. In this presentation examples from everyday life in preschool are woven together with various theoretical resources coming from philosophy (Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari), political theory (Brian Massumi) and social semiotics (Günter Kress). During the presentation we explore specifically: • the status and modus operandi of children’s questions • the importance of and the conditions needed for listening to and taking seriously children’s questions • methodological implications for practice and research when engaging in a ‘pedagogy of listening’ In the presentation it is being argued that we should follow Guattari’s advice to ‘toujours biner et persévérer’- ‘always loosen up and persevere’ and that we here might need the help of children and their taste for a creative thought.


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